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Passage du Fleuve


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Passage du Fleuve
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AutorDaniel U. Thibault
Eingestellt vomUrhixidur
KategorieAndere > Nicht klassifiziert
Datum zugegeben01 September 2007
Besuche2704 mal
BeschreibungPassage du Fleuve 2002 1.00 A medieval (circa XIIth-XVth century) occult script derived from Hebrew. The French name means "Passing the River" and is probably an allusion to Deuteronomy, Chapter II, Verses 13-16, where Moses leads Israel across the river Zered into Canaan. With the Celestial and Malachim/Angelic/Royal scripts, it forms the Seraphic family of scripts. It is currently used by some Wiccan practitioners. Passage du Fleuve is included by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa in Book III (Ceremonial Magic), Chapter XXX («Another manner of making Characters, delivered by Cabalists») of his De Occulta Philosophia (written in 1509 and first printed in 1533), unfortunately without mentioning any details. Francis Barrett derived the alphabet from Agrippa, along with much of the text of Agrippa's book, and presented it in his «The Magus: A Complete System of Occult Philosophy», published in 1801.



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