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Black Adder 2


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Black Adder 2
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Dateiname : BLACKADD.TTF

Size : 33.6 Kb

Lizenztyp: Free

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Schriftart Infos:

AutorBruce Marx
Eingestellt vomwebmaster
Kategorieberuhmt > TV Serien
Datum zugegeben22 August 2004
Besuche5067 mal
BeschreibungThis is a font that I've designed on Publisher's Type Foundry and am going to release as freeware. It is based loosely on the credits of the BBC Series "Black Adder II" but due to the quality of the picture on my TV and several other unknown causes, it is more geometric, and has some unique characters that are not in any way like those I saw. I am also including the OTL file so anyone who takes exception to these differences may play around with it, but I would appreciate it if no charge was made for modified versions. No warranty is made for this thing, but it hasn't destroyed anything of mine as of the time of it's release. If you do like it, or wish to see if I've modified it, or want to see any new stuff that has been recently spit out by this program, pop onto HIS BOARD, 805-652-1478. Bruce Marx, 1991



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