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Nombre de archivo: Nug-Soth.TTF

Tamano : 15.96 Kb

Tipo de licencia: Free

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Detalles de la Fuente:

AutoresDaniel U. Thibault
Enviado porUrhixidur
CategoríaOtras > Not classified
Fecha de publicación01 September 2007
Visitado4373 Tiempos
DescripcionNug-Soth 2002 2.00 A freeware ancient/fantasy script font. «Ye characters of Nug hold ye key to ye planes, employ ye them in ye talismanic art and in all ye sacred inscriptions» Nug-Soth was a magician of the dark conquerors of 16 000 A.D.; victim of a mind transfer with a member of the Great Race of Yith, he was sent to 150 000 000 B.C. where he met Professor Peaslee. («The Shadow Out of Time», H. P. Lovecraft) Nug-Soth also designates a race of metallic-city-dwelling insect-mages locked in a doomed struggle against the Dholes («Visions of Yaddith», Ariel Prescott and/or Lin Carter). Neither is really connected with the Necronomicon. This "alphabet" was invented for the (rather pitiful pseudo-esoteric) Avon edition of H. P. Lovecraft's wonderful bibliographical invention, Abdul Alhazred's Necronomicon. You can see it displayed in Dino Manzella's e-book "Forgotten Scripts" ( and elsewhere on the Web. The digits and the letters K and U are my inventions. The original "source" stated the alphabet was used to transcribe Latin, and therefore there was no K nor U ---one was to use C and V respectively instead. Version 1 was created on 1999-October-06 with Softy, and suffered from a number of internal deficiencies. The characters were also incorrectly proportioned.



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