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Dear Theo


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Dear Theo
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File name : Deartheo.ttf

Size : 8.06 Kb

Licence type: Free

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Font details:

AuthorMR. FISK
Added byalerom65
CategoryScript > Casual
Date added11 June 2007
Visited2947 times
Description This is the font : DearTheo 1 & 2 from 1999. Made by me : © MR.FISK [MikeLarson] Write me when u have installed it on yer computor. Use these adresses: Email: fontex2000mg@softhome.net Web: www.MrFisk.com |-------------------* Frequently Asked Questions : *----------------| » Can I use the fonts for commercial things, such as things I might get money for? Can I buy the font/fonts? » No!! If you want to do that you'll have to contact me first and get my permission. And we must set a deal, how much money I can earn from it. You can buy the font, it will cost between $10 - $20 then you'll have the full rights to it. |--------------------------------------------------------------------| » Can I use the fonts on my webpage? » Yes, if it's a free webpage. If you aint making any money thru it, that means if you make a clickthru banner etc, with my font on it, you are making money thru my font. It have to free all over or else it's not allowed. |--------------------------------------------------------------------| » Can I put up the font-file/files for download on my page? » Yes you can. But you'll have to leave the file as it is, ex if the fontfile name is something2000mg.zip you'll have to leave it that way. And it MUST include all original files such as the .ttf file and the readme.txt file + other. You cant change anything inside them, or else its not allowed. And you have to write a link next to the file where you downloaded it, that it is taken from MR.FISK FONTS - http://fonts.mrfisk.com |--------------------------------------------------------------------| » Can I include the fontfiles on a cd-rom wich I am going to sell? » No!! You'll have to contact me first and get my permission. Its the same laws as question nr 1 in this faq. |--------------------------------------------------------------------| » So you dont want anything for the fonts I download? » Yes I do. When you have installed the font/fonts you'll have to write me a proper Thank You mail, because this is not freeware its Letterware. Or you can write something nice in my guestbook. |--------------------------------------------------------------------| » Any other questions regarding what fontrules are on and off, write to: fonts@mrfisk.com ------------------------------------------------------------ =- M R . F I S K - F O N T-=-P R O D U C T I O N -= ------------------------------------------------------------ If you see adresses like killing.spree@usa.net, and konsum.domus@usa.net, dont use them I never check them. Always use my font ad: fontex2000mg@softhome.net



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