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Georgian Nuskha


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Georgian Nuskha
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File name : georgian-nuskha.TTF

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AuthorJogi Weichware
Added bywebmaster
CategoryLanguage > Ancient
Date added31 July 2004
Visited5241 times
DescriptionThe Georgian language first appeared in writing in about 430 AD in an inscription in a church in Palestine. At that time it was written with an alphabet known as Asomtavruli. During the 9th century, Asomtavruli was gradually replaced by a more angular alphabet known as Nuskha-khucuri, which was used until the 11th century. By about the 13th century Nuskha-khucuri had developed into the Mkhedruli alphabet, which has been used ever since. Georgian is a Kartvelian or South Caucasian language spoken by about 4.1 million people.



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