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Astro Script


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Astro Script
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Nom du fichier : AstroScript-Bold.ttf

Dimension : 90.11 Kb

Type de licence: Free

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AuteurJason Davies
Ajoute parwebmaster
CategorieSymboles > esoterique
Date a ajoute16 August 2004
Visite5094 fois
DescriptionProduction Information: This is the 1st release of AstroScript. It is the 4th font in the Astrological Font Series. This font was created on a PC running Win2K / UK keyboard layout. And Designed using Font Creator Program v3 & FontLab v4. Distribution Notice: This font is Copyrighted 2003 by Jason Davies and is available for use at no charge and may be distributed freely as long as this archive [along with this ReadMe file] is kept as-is, intact. You may use this font for commercial purposes if you notify jason@widgetsworld.co.uk. http://www.widgetsworld.co.uk/



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