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ge zodiac


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ge zodiac
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Nom du fichier : GEZODIAC.TTF

Dimension : 27.35 Kb

Type de licence: Free

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AuteurGraphx Edge
Ajoute parwebmaster
CategorieSymboles > esoterique
Date a ajoute16 August 2004
Visite4975 fois
DescriptionGraphx Edge free fonts license agreement (c)1998 Graphx Edge Graphx Edge Fonts: www.graphxedge.com Email: finfo@graphxedge.com You are permitted to distribute this free font for others to review, as long as this document is also included in the transfer. Do not include this font on any CD-Roms or any other distributed media without written consent from Graphx Edge. This font is not to be resold or remarketed. This font is free to use in any private manner. If you plan to use this font commercially please contact Graphx Edge for terms of commericial use. Thank you. Copyright 1998, Graphx Edge, all rights reserved



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