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Georgian Mkhedruli


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Georgian Mkhedruli
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AuteurJogi Weichware
Ajoute parwebmaster
CategorieLanguage > asiatique
Date a ajoute31 July 2004
Visite7137 fois
DescriptionThe Georgian language first appeared in writing in about 430 AD in an inscription in a church in Palestine. At that time it was written with an alphabet known as Asomtavruli (capital letter) or Mrglovani (rounded), which was used until the 9th century. Asomtavruli was probably modelled on the Greek alphabet, though nobody knows who was responsible for this. Armenian scholars believe that Mesrop Mashtots', an Armenian missionary, created Asomtavruli, while Georgian scholars believe that King Farnavaz of Georgia did so. During the 9th century, Asomtavruli was gradually replaced by a more angular alphabet known as Nuskha-khucuri, which was used until the 11th century. By about the 13th century Nuskha-khucuri had developed into the Mkhedruli alphabet, which has been used ever since.



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