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Gothic Bible


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Gothic Bible
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AuteurJogi Weichware
Ajoute parwebmaster
CategorieLanguage > ancien
Date a ajoute31 July 2004
Visite5692 fois
DescriptionThe Gothic alphabet was probably created by bishop Ulfilas who also translated the Bible into the "razda" (language). Some scholars (e.g. Braune) claim that it was derived from the Greek alphabet only, while others maintain that there are some Gothic letters of runic or Latin origin. The Gothic language (), the only known East Germanic language, is known to us by a translation of the Bible known as Codex Argenteus ("The Silver Bible") dating from the 4th century AD, of which some books survive. The translation was apparently done in the Balkans region by people in close contact with Greek Christian culture. The language used is Germanic but has major differences from other known Germanic languages.



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