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I Dream of Jeannie


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I Dream of Jeannie
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Nom du fichier : jeannie.ttf

Dimension : 62.36 Kb

Type de licence: Free

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AuteurFranklin J. Sell
Ajoute parwebmaster
Categoriecelebre > Series TV
Date a ajoute17 August 2004
Visite13180 fois
Description"I Dream of Jeannie" is a copyrighted trademark of Columbia Pictures Television and is a Sidney Sheldon Production. © 2003 "Jeannie" font was created by Frank Sell from screen captures of the television sitcom "I Dream of Jeannie". You may distribute the font at your will but do not change it without my permission. You can visit my web page at http://fbox.vt.edu/~fsell and contact me by the following means: E-Mail: franksell@vt.edu AIM: FrankJSell 1.1 Notes: July 7, 2003 -Kerning of letters to make text flow smoothly. 1.01 Notes: July 7, 2003 -Noticed the lowercase y in Larry Hagman and added it to the font. -Also made the decorative "I" available using the "!" 1.00 Notes: July 6, 2003 Jeannie Font has been created. The font consists mainly of capital letters as there were very few lowercase letters used in the opening credits. The only lowercase letters that I found were e,i,o, and f so I filled in the remainder of the lowercase letters with uppercase ones. Pressing "[" will give the decorative "I" seen in the I Dream of Jeannie logo.



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