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Syriac Serto


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Syriac Serto
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Nom du fichier : syriac_serto.TTF

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AuteurJogi Weichware
Ajoute parwebmaster
CategorieLanguage > ancien
Date a ajoute31 July 2004
Visite12963 fois
DescriptionIn the year 489 CE, a schism occurred in the Syrian Christian church between the followers of Nestorius of Persia and Jacob of Edessa. This not only split the church but also started the process of splitting the Estrangela script into two branches. The western branch, known as Jacobite, or more correctly Serto, appeared around the 8th century CE and took a much more cursive look than Estrangela. The eastern branch, called Nestorian, developed out of Estrangela more slowly, only showing a slightly distinct look by the 12th century CE.



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