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ZZ Top


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ZZ Top
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Nom du fichier : ZZZTop.ttf

Dimension : 34.7 Kb

Type de licence: Free

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Les details de police:

AuteurR. Gast
Ajoute parwebmaster
Categoriecelebre > Musique / Groupe
Date a ajoute20 August 2004
Visite10535 fois
DescriptionNOTE: This font is coded so that it can be embedded in MS Word (.DOC) documents. Thus, if you use this font in an MS Word document and save the document with the font embedded, the recipient of the document will see it with this font even though they may not have the font loaded on their system. To embed a font in an MS Word document select "Tools" from the MS Word menu bar and then select "Options". Under the "Save" tab, check the box marked "Embed True Type fonts". VOILA ! GreyWolf WebWorks Free Fonts (and versions previously released as DarkSide's Free Fonts) are FREE for personal use. They do, however, remain the property of Rich Gast and GreyWolf WebWorks. They are not in the public domain. Commercial use in any manner, including (but not limited to) use in advertising or corporate logo design, inclusion in any software, archive, collection or library for distribution to the public which either directly or indirectly generates income for the distributor requires written permission from the author and copyright holder, who is specifically identified as: R. Gast 5818 Prophet's Rock Rd. W. Lafayette, IN 47906 e-mail: greywolfww@earthlink.net URL: http://home.earthlink.net/~greywolfww/index.html



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