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Nome di file : Talas.ttf

Dimensione : 8.11 Kb

Tipo di licenza: Free

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Font dettagli:

AutoreNorbert Bartz
Inserita daanzu
CategoriaLingua > Antico
Data di inserimento09 July 2007
Visitato7404 tempi
DescrizioneTalas script, dated to the second half of the 8th-10th centuries, was spread in the Altai and Tuva area of Southern Siberia. In Southern Siberia during the Early Middle Age Talas script coexisted with other runiform alphabets. The Karluk Yabgu state developed in the Jeti-Su after 766, it replaced the Türgesh Kaganate and its Sogdian cursive script, and in the middle of the 9th century it became a Kaganate. In the 940 Karluk Kaganate was destroyed by the Karahanids. In the Karluk Kaganate, with territory from the western spurs of Altai to the Tarbagatai range, the Enisei alphabet transformed into Talas alphabet. Formation of the Talas alphabet was under obvious influence of the Enisei script and without notable connections with the Orhon alphabet



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