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Megaserif One


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Megaserif One
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Nome di file : MEGAOD__.TTF

Dimensione : 28.21 Kb

Tipo di licenza: Free

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Font dettagli:

AutoreDavid F. Nalle
Inserita dawebmaster
CategoriaAltrui > Non Classificato
Data di inserimento27 August 2004
Visitato1654 tempi
DescrizioneMegaserif One is a new font based on the typographic research of Dr. Conrad Ugolnik of the Art Institute of Prague. Dr. Ugolnik has demonstrated that increasing the size of serifs can make text fonts far easier to read. Larger serifs help the eye move quickly from character to character, enhancing comprehension and reading speed substantially. The Megaserif One font makes full use of the Ugolnik Megaserif on both upper and lower case letters.



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