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Nume fisier : LINEAR_B.TTF

Marime : 34.1 Kb

Licenta : Free

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Detalii font :

AutoriCurtis Clark
Adaugat de :webmaster
Categorie :Limba > Antice
Data adaugarii :26 July 2004
Downloaduri :119
Vizite :4187 ori
DescriereThe font's real name is Linear B. Mycenaean (ancient Greek) syllabary, derived from Minoan Linear A. Inscriptions are sometimes found at Mycenaean sites written in Linear B. Linear B is a syllabary (rather than an alphabet), in which each sign stands for a complete syllable, either a vowel or a consonant plus a vowel. Linear B evidently represents a borrowing from the Minoan civilization of Crete, which was written in a syllabary called Linear A. The Minoan language is unknown and the Linear A inscriptions untranslated, although there is enough similarity between Linear A and Linear B that some of the syllabic values can be inferred.



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