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Nume fisier : ROUSSE.TTF

Marime : 19.3 Kb

Licenta : Free

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Detalii font :

AutoriDavid F. Nalle
Adaugat de :webmaster
Categorie :Script > Blackletter
Data adaugarii :20 August 2004
Downloaduri :120
Vizite :2656 ori
Descriere This font is distributed as shareware as part of a promotion for the Scriptorium Font Library. If you use this font for thirty days or for any publication or commercial purpose you are obligated to register it as shareware. To register the font you may pay a $5 registration fee to Ragnarok, or you may order a sampler disk or the disk on which the font is featured for $15. The later option is the best deal because you\'ll get a whole disk of legitimate, registered fonts for a very low price. If for some reason you wish to distribute this font as part of a shareware collection or package, please contact us first at the address (netmail or US Mail) or phone number given below. The rest of this is our standard catalog. If you like this font you\'ll love some of the hundred-plus other fonts in the Scriptorium Font Library.



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